January 2024 Wellness Checks



The Benefits of Wellness Checks/Physicals


Generally speaking, an annual visit/exam with a Primary Care Provider is recommended. However, the frequency should be individualized, depending on age group, health status, and risk factors. This underscores the importance of knowing your family health history, as well as the importance of sharing that family health history with family members.


Having a wellness check is an opportunity to:

· develop rapport with a primary healthcare provider (PCP)

· have a way to access healthcare when needed in between wellness visits

· review recommendations for immunizations/vaccines, and screening tests

· review individualized risk factors

· prevent potential problems before they get serious

· review medications

· manage ongoing health conditions

· receive lifestyle change recommendations


If you, a friend, a family member does not have a PCP or has not had a check up in over a year, please schedule an appointment, and encourage others to do so.


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