Welcome to the Ebenezer All Nations Web Home.

Our name, Ebenezer, was derived from the miracle performed for the people of God found in the Old Testament of the Bible, 1 Samuel, Chapter 7. In order to make sure that the place was remembered for generations to come, an altar was built, and the name given to it was, "Ebenezer ... the Lord has helped us."

Ebenezer All Nations Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship is a growing group of people who are interested in experiencing more of God's love and holiness. Our Heavenly Father has blessed us in so many ways! We recognize that it is He who has led us from lives of destruction to lives filled with abundant hope. It is our intention to fulfill God’s calling by being actively involved in worship, evangelism, teaching, serving, and fellowship. The foundation of all that we believe is that we are saved by God’s grace and that our assurance of eternal life is based on our belief in Jesus Christ. According to God's commandment, we joyously come together and worship on the Seventh-Day Sabbath. We emphasize the "All Nations” concept by welcoming people of all races in working together for His glory.